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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots which are inserted into the maxillary bone of patients and serve to support new fixed teeth. The implanted teeth have a natural appearance and are the ones that best recover the sensations of firmness and comfort of our own teeth.

Why might I need dental implants, or when are they a good solution?

When one, various or all teeth are missing.

How are they inserted? Does it hurt?

They are inserted during a totally painless surgical intervention with local anaesthetic (occasionally complemented with sedation). The post-operative period is normally very good. Thanks to modern, minimally invasive, microsurgical techniques, the incidence of complications, pain, inflammation or haematomas is very low. In cases of advanced surgery with a lot of dental implants, grafts and very complex cases, the incidence of post-operative complications is somewhat greater.

What is the success rate?

Very high. We have achieved a 98,5% osseointegration success rate, working in 3D and in a surgical and secure environment. In the majority of cases in which good integration is not achieved (some 1,5%), the implant may be inserted again after a time. It does not mean that there is rejection, but a lack of stability between the bone and the implant.

How long should I wait between the insertion of the implants and that of the teeth?

It depends on the type of bone in which they have been inserted. The waiting time may be anything from two months to the same day, if the maxillary bone quality is good.

Is there an age limit for the insertion of dental implants?

Absolutely not. It is precisely older people who most benefit from the insertion of dental implants.

How long do they last?

With appropriate care, they can last for more than 20 years.

What does immediate load –same day teeth mean?

That in cases where it is necessary, to favour the comfort of the patient, we may extract the teeth in poor condition, insert implants and fixed teeth upon them, all within a 24 hour period. This can be done wherever the maxillary bone conditions and the stability of the implants permit it.

Is there a great difference between replacing one tooth or all teeth?

A tooth is missing: an implant is inserted where the root of the old tooth was, and this enables us to replace it as if it were your own tooth. It does not need to rest upon neighbouring teeth, and these will remain healthy for much longer as a result. Various teeth are missing: there will be various dental implants. Normally, the number of implants will equal the number of missing teeth, although sometimes two implants can replace four teeth, such as with the lower incisors. All teeth are missing: in patients of advanced age, with 6 implants in the jaw and 8 in the upper maxilla, complete fixed prostheses are built. In young patients, far more natural porcelain prostheses can be inserted in stretches, which may require between 10 and 12 dental implants.

And if the height and width of my maxillary bone is much diminished?
There is also a solution.  In this case bone regeneration techniques would be used, via very reliable and not very aggressive bone grafts and bio-engineering techniques.  This enables people who previously were condemned to wearing dentures with poor retention, to enjoy comfort and stable teeth as if they were their own.

Recommendations for an impeccable treatment

We like to work in collaboration with our patients, seeking mutual understanding and sharing the decisions, talking about them and agreeing them.

For our part, we guarantee:

  • A maximum level of competence in the diagnosis and treatment of your periodontal and implantological problems.
  • Scientific reliability in the tests and the treatment we recommend.
  • Fulfilment of a treatment plan and the objectives proposed.
  • A warm, meticulous and punctual service.
  • The use of sterilised instruments and materials of proven quality.

In order to provide you with these guarantees, it is ideal for our patients to:

  • Understand that the treatments require various sessions and minimum times.
  • Punctually attend the appointments arranged.
  • If you cannot attend, tell us with 24 hours notice.
  • Collaborate by following our instructions and recommendations.
  • Comply with the form of payment previously agreed. We can offer a finance plan personalised to each patient.

We are committed to working at the very highest level in order to warrant the trust placed in us.

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