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What types of Orthodontics are there?


Is that which uses brackets and archwires. The bracket is the part of the fixed apparatus that adheres to the tooth and into which we introduce the wires. At the Mapelli Dental Centre we use the most modern brackets currently available, self-ligating and of low friction, which permit a significant shortening of the treatment times, less time in the surgery chair and fewer appointments at the clinic during the treatment.


Is that which uses ceramic brackets and archwires, providing greater aesthetics to the patient, who will feel better as their braces will be less visible.


Are sets of aligners or clear splints, practically invisible, which adapt perfectly to fit your teeth, repositioning them without anyone knowing you are in treatment and without interfering with your lifestyle.


Is a technique consisting in placing all the brackets on the internal side of the teeth, thereby leaving the external and visible sides of the teeth free of any artefacts. At the Mapelli Dental Centre we use the most advanced system of Lingual Orthodontics such as the “ Incognito ” system, where the brackets are made to measure for each patient, providing the highest level of comfort technically possible.

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